About Us

"He who does not prevent chrome when he can, encourages it..."

We know what you're thinking: "This is getting out of hand... I can't drive 50 feet without being assaulted by chrome!" That's why we created Chrome Stoppers. To protect and serve you and other from those rising chrome rates across the country.

Chrome Stoppers was spun off of parent company Ecoological in 2022 by Grant Evans. Ecoological was established in 2012 by Grant's father, Darin Evans, who wanted a way to cover up dings, scratches and rust on his truck but also wanted to add a flash of style. Darin created BumperShellz, which customers started using to cover up the chrome on their brand new, undamaged trucks. They were so thrilled with how it looked that they asked for more products for their vehicles. And so we decided there needed to be a one stop shop for all your chrome-delete accessories! We sell chrome-delete accessories for drivers across the globe—from drivers who want an easy way to hide damage from normal wear and tear during ownership, want something different than their co-workers' car. We even manufacture some of the products we sell right here in the USA so you know they're made with quality materials built to last. We want everyone to be able to drive in a chrome-free society.

We're constantly staking out new and exciting black out products for all make and model vehicles. If you have a hot tip to bring some chrome to justice, please reach out to us with our Chrome Stoppers Hotline. You could even be rewarded with huge discounts if we choose to sell your suggested product!

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