Painted Parts Policies

Painted Parts Policy

IMPORTANT: For any color-to-match product, including painted and acrylic, we highly recommend a dry fit first before installation. This means practicing your installation without removing the red backing from the tape to ensure the part complements your truck perfectly before final and permanent installation.

Cancellation: Due to the custom nature of painting. Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.  Please be sure you have selected the correct color and configuration for the part you would like to have painted.

Color Match: Shellz™ are molded with the factory certified OEM spec color code acrylic cap OR painted with the “prime” OEM color code. However, due to a range of factors, this color might differ from what is found on your truck. These factors are listed below.

  • Age of the paint: even after a few months, the degradation of waxes and protective coatings cause paint colors to change
  • UV damage and sun exposure will cause slight changes in paint color rapidly
  • Different mixes of metallics and color ratios from different paint runs at the factory
  • Material variation: surface textures and background colors change from material to material. This means that the paint on your own truck will look slightly different on the body panels that are metal vs. plastic.

Because of these factors, some amount of variation is to be expected, and as a result, we cannot guarantee a "color match" to any specific truck. 

Notes for Installation: Painted Parts are considered "safe" for us to ship after 72 hours of having been painted. However, please exercise caution and patience when installing your products.  Paint will continue to cure for up to 30 days after the initial painting.  During this time, the paint and top-coat are softer, making them easier to scratch and chip.

For fitment issues on custom painted parts, be sure to take photos of the issue and then promptly contact us!

Last updated: March 2024