Painted Parts Policies

Chrome Stoppers and Ecoological's Painted Parts Policy

This policy is in place because once a part has been painted, it is considered a custom product and cannot be resold. Additionally, paint colors and finishes can vary slightly from batch to batch, so we cannot guarantee an exact match if a return or exchange is requested. We use the "prime" or "most popular" formula variant of the color code as recommended by our local PPG authorized paint  retailer. 
We strongly recommend that customers carefully review the following policy before making a purchase. 
Before making your purchase, please make sure you understand our return/replacement policies. 
All products that have OEM color-matched options have the following warning in the full product description below the product.
Warning on OEM color-matched parts:
  • NOTES ON COLOR MATCHING: These colors have been checked against the "prime" color code. Depending on several factors, including the age of the vehicle and what factory it was painted in, our color may not perfectly match what is on your truck. Therefore, we cannot and will not accept returns requested for issues with the color match. Please take that into consideration before ordering. 
Due to the nature of painted parts, we have a strict return policy in place. Once a painted car part has been delivered, it cannot be returned or exchanged.
For these reasons, you will want to check to be sure the pieces match your vehicle before installing them. To do the warranty on pieces painted by Ecoological/Chrome Stoppers, we will require the part back first and will repaint it. We do NOT get a new piece painted and sent to you to swap out. We will get it back and repaint it and send it back to you at your cost to ship back and forth. 
For fitment issues on custom painted parts, be sure to take photos of the issue and then promptly contact us!