Ecoological NDA

Ecoological LLC Beta Tester Confidentiality Terms

By purchasing the Ecoological Window Trim Black-Out Kit for the 2022-2024 Toyota Tundra, you acknowledge and agree to these confidentiality and conduct rules. These rules are designed to safeguard the product’s image by preventing any unauthorized or premature information disclosures—both within the public sphere and amongst fellow beta testers.

Confidential Information:

  • Product Details: The kit’s design, features, and functionality are confidential.
  • Beta Test Insights: Any feedback, results, or other observations from your testing are confidential.

Restricted Actions:

  • No Public Disclosure: Do not post pictures, share opinions, or discuss the kit on social media, forums, or any other public or digital platform until after the NDA expires.
  • No Private Group Sharing: Discussing detailed information about the kit, including sharing photos or specific feedback, is prohibited within private groups or forums of beta testers to prevent bias and negative influence among the group.
  • In-Person Discussions: You may discuss the kit in person privately but avoid detailed technical discussions or sharing electronic information until official release.

Additional Requirements:

  • Photo Submission: Submit before and after photos using the kit. Ecoological LLC reserves the right to make these photos public at a future date, ensuring that any personally identifiable characteristics, such as license plates, faces, and street signs in reflections, are removed.
  • Feedback Survey: You are required to complete a survey about your experience. Responses will be used internally to improve the product and are not for public dissemination.

Duration of Terms:

  • Effective Period: Your confidentiality obligations begin upon purchase and will expire upon the product’s full public release or on December 1, 2024, whichever is earlier.
  • Permission to Share: You may share your experiences and photos publicly only after the NDA period ends.

Consequences of Violations:

  • Breach Impact: Violating these terms may result in immediate exclusion from this and future beta tests. Ecoological LLC reserves the right to take legal action to prevent further disclosures and to address any negative impacts caused by breaches.
  • Focus on Non-Disclosure: This agreement specifically aims to prevent “poisoning the well” — ensuring that no premature, biased, or negative information affects the public or private perceptions of the product.

Legal Provisions:

  • Governing Law: Governed by the laws of [Your State/Province].
  • Severability: If any part of this agreement is invalid, the rest remains effective.
  • Acknowledgment: By buying this product, you confirm your understanding of and agreement to these terms.