Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions every single day. Often, we find that you all have very similar questions to your fellow chrome delete enthusiasts. We've collected the most common questions we receive and have them answered below. Don't see your question? Feel free to send us a message with the on-site chat box or submit your question here!



What the heck is this? Where's Ecoological?: Ecoological didn't go anywhere. We are owned and operated by Ecoological. We wanted to offer our customers more great than just BumperShellz, GapShield, and AeroBox. With our new storefront, we can offer you more blackout products beyond the bumper and for more than just trucks! 

"More than just trucks"?: Yup! Trucks are awesome and the chrome on them sucks! But driving your truck around isn't always practical. At Chrome Stoppers, we want your life to be free from the burden of chrome, no matter what you're driving.

Awesome! How do I get started?: Our homepage is outfitted with an easy to use "Build Your Vehicle" widget so you can find only the products that are relevant to YOUR blackout kit! 

Product FAQs

Are all your products made in the USA?: All BumperShellz, GapShield and AreoBox products are made right here in the USA. However, we cannot guarantee the origin of products made by 3rd party vendors. 

How do I know if a product is right for me?: If you hate chrome, then our products are right for you. Please use our Select a Vehicle feature to make sure we carry products for your vehicle!

I tried that, but my vehicle didn't come up! What do I do?: That's a huge bummer... please let us know what we are missing and we'll start working to find items for your vehicle!

Shipping FAQs

What is your current lead time?: That depends on the vendor you're purchasing from. Typically, anything manufactured by Ecoological will have a 7-14 lead time, with the exception of the GapShield which will usually ship next day.

Why does your shipping seem so expensive?: Some of the boxes we use are huge. Due to this, we have to ship by "Dimensional Weight" because these boxes take up a lot of space on trucks. The price we charge for shipping is the price we pay down to the penny to the provider you have chosen.

Why don't you just offer free shipping like Amazon?: We would love to, but unfortunately, we are a small family-owned business and can't afford to offer that at the moment. However, we are trying to find new ways to reduce our shipping costs and pass those savings off to our loyal customers.

Warranty FAQs

What should I do if I have an issue with a product you sold me?: Please reach out to us using the form on this page!


If you have other questions that weren't covered here reach out to us here and we'll be happy to answer them for you.