Acrylic vs. Painted-to-code: The Colored-to-code Journey

Deciding on Colored-to-code:

In a today's social media driven world, personalization is less choice, more necessity. Deciding on the right colored-to-code product is vital to ensuring your satisfaction and being able to show off your slick truck to all your friends, family and TikTok or Instagram followers (if you're into that sort of thing).  

So you've got a Magnetic Gray or Midnight/Attitude Black Tundra... now you're faced with a difficult question... "Acrylic or Painted-to-Code?". While we can't make this decision for you, we can certainly help you understand the difference. So let's dive right in:


Acrylic: The Durable and Efficient Choice

Our Acrylic option for Magnetic Gray and Attitude/Midnight Black colors stands out for its strength, especially beneficial for off-roading. Its UV-resistant coating helps protect the color from peeling in the harsh sunlight and offers more resilience against rocks and pebbles from off-roading or everyday driving. These parts are made from OEM Spec colored plastic that closely match the color code for precise and high-quality finishes. These parts are not a guaranteed match to your truck's body color.

Although there may be slight discoloration under certain lighting conditions, the color typically closely matches and this minor variance is overshadowed by the overall durability and quality of the acrylic finish.

Painted-to-Order: Color Match to Your Style

This option is ideal for those seeking a color match without the worry of the UV Coating causing a slight variance to the color at certain angles in the sun, ensuring a unique and customized look. These parts come with a processing time of 4-6 weeks as we paint them in-house at our facility in Auburn, CA, aligning with our commitment to quality and American-manufacturing.

We can not and will not guarantee a perfect color match and we consider every painted part a "custom part", which means we have a very strict return policy. Please review our Painted Parts Policy for more details.

IMPORTANT: For any color-to-match product, we recommend a dry fit first before installation. This means practicing your installation without removing the red backing from the tape to ensure the part complements your truck perfectly before final and permanent installation.

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